Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Are Not Cool

Our American culture has led us to think that popularity is what life is all about. Remember in high school how everyone wanted to be "cool" and not be the dork? The truth is that if you are a follower of Christ you are never going to be cool or popular by the world's standards and you should be fine with that. We should be focused more on serving the Lord than what everyone else thinks.

There are believers around the world that are being sentenced to death because they are a follower of Christ. They are not concerned with popularity or fitting in, they are focused on obedience and allegiance to King Jesus!!

The church has always thrived when it has been persecuted. The sad truth is that we take the freedoms and rights we have in America for granted. Many of us have become lazy and complacent. We have replaced the power of the Holy Spirit with man, money, and organization.

I pray that we will all recognize our weakness and desperate need to be completely dependent upon the Lord for everything. You are not cool! Hopefully, as a believer, you are cool with that.

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