Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do We Really Love People?

While it is easy to say yes, the answer is found in our actions, not our words. If we really love people, then we will want to share Christ with them. We will stop making excuses and we will start being the church and getting out and engaging our community with the message of Christ.

The truth is that many of us love people who are just like us and we feel uneasy when we are around people who act, talk, and live differently than we do. Jesus said in John 13:35 that a love for one another will be the way that people know we are His disciples.

I am grateful to be in a church where everyone is welcome regardless of what they look like. Our people are really more concerned with the inside than what is on the outside. They have to be or they never would have welcomed this city boy into their fellowship!! To have a love for people, we must seek the Lord. The more our faith grows, the more our love for others will grow and the more concerned we will be about spreading the Gospel and carrying out the Great Commission. That is what being a church is really all about!

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