Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday Nights at EBC

Some of the students in our youth group  enjoying 
fellowship before service last night.
We are a unique church in that we actually have more people in attendance on a Wednesday night than we do on a Sunday morning in most cases. We have a tremendous ministry opportunity with kids and students. We usually have anywhere from 30-35 students in our youth group and 25-35 children in our Victory Kids ministry. We have seen 3 students come to Christ in the last week. We baptized one of them last Sunday and will be baptizing another one this Sunday. We thank the Lord for what He is doing in and through our students. We have two of the best youth leaders in the world and they do a tremendous job and they truly love their students!

Super Bowl Sunday night our youth leader and I went to talk to a 17 year old student named David. After talking and answering questions for almost 2.5 hours, David trusted Christ and we baptized him this past Sunday. This past Wednesday night we had another student trust Christ after admitting that she didn't have a relationship with Jesus. Our youth leader had talked to her and told her that only the Lord could reveal whether or not she was truly saved. After a few weeks of praying, she said the Lord made it clear to her that she wasn't saved. She came to Christ after the service on Feb. 8th. We are baptizing her this Sunday. We will have several visitors this coming Sunday with the baptism and others who have said they would be here after being invited by some of our members.

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