Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Revival Depends on You!

Revival services begin Wednesday night May 2nd at 6:30pm at EBC. We are really excited about this time and are praying for a renewed sense of the holiness of God and the sinfulness of sin. This is a revival meeting and therefore it is primarily for the church. The goal in this revival is not to see a bunch of people come to Christ, but that the church is renewed and restored to health. While we certainly pray for the conversion of the lost, the main focus is for the church.

Revival must start individually before revival will spread throughout the church body. Revival is really up to us, not up to God! At first this may seem arrogant, but truthfully revival depends on God's people. The Lord has promised to send revival if His people will humble themselves, pray, seek his face, and turn from their wicked ways. Read 2 Chronicles 7:14 and Psalm 85. The world is not hindering revival, the church is. To listen to the message I preached leading up to this revival, go to www.ebcjane.org and you will find it on the home page.

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